Sinus Surgery

Sinus surgery is becoming more popular as people understand how much they can benefit from it. Laser Sinus surgery is much more appealing than the conventional surgery both in cost and suffering.

Blog 2. Preop visit. Surgery in 5 days!

Attacking Biofilms That Cause Chronic Infections
A permanent bacterial biofilm in the sinuses can ignite an immune response leading to chronic sinus infections, with symptoms including fever and cold-like symptoms. So far, the most effective treatment is to surgically remove the affected tissue …
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New discovery could pave the way for advanced MS treatments
More advanced forms of treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) could be realised, following new research by Wayne State University School of Medicine. Scientists based at the institute, along with colleagues in Canada, are confident they have identified …
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FDA approved Laser for DCR Surgery
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Sinus Surgery

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Clear your head – Livemint

Clear your headLivemintWhether the attack is chronic (often recurring) or acute (sudden), a cold is the surest way to infected sinuses. “Any cold has the ability to cause sinusitis if not handled properly,” says Atul Ahuja, a senior consultant ENT su …

Always do your research and get another opinion, as safe as these new procedures are you still want the right treatment and the right doctor.

Sinus Surgery

Sinus Surgery

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